Work Tank

If you dread tax time every year and just want to pay the least tax possible, it’s time you met TaxTank.

Hassle free tax preparation

Want to make sure you pay the least amount of tax – even if you’re not a numbers person? Manage your work-related income and expenses, vehicle klms, logbooks and loans in the work tank.

As you reconcile income and expense from your bank feeds you can monitor your actual tax position against your forecast in real time.

The tax summary pulls all the tanks together so you can clearly see how the different income and expense types impact your tax payable.

Minimise your tax with live bank feeds

Feel confident knowing all your income and expenses have been taken into account, so you can easily manage your tax and get everything you’re entitled to.

Work Tank automatically pulls data from your bank feeds in real time so nothing is missed, lost or forgotten.

Simple vehicle expense claims

Work Tank makes it easy to manage your work vehicle expenses. Record travel in your logbook and let Work Tank update your expenses and claims automatically.

TaxTank will show you which claim method is most tax efficient for you based on your activity.

You can relax knowing you’re claiming the right way, that your records are safe and you’re complying with the ATO.

Manage tax all year round

Don’t wait until the end of the financial year to find out your tax bill. With TaxTank, you’ll know your estimated tax position throughout the year, so you can plan ahead. Plus, with a clear understanding of how much tax you’ll pay and why, you can proactively make decisions to minimise your tax.

Easily manage your income tax

Save time

Make tax preparation simple, with all your information in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Home office hours

Record the time you spend in your home office to ensure every hour is accounted for.

Safe storage

Attach receipts to transactions for a secure online record that’s stored as long as you need it.

Interactive reports

Know where you stand with easy-to-read reports that estimate your real-time tax position.

Automatic forecasts

See your current tax position in minutes, plus projections for the end of the financial year.

Easy collaboration

Invite your accountant to view your files and chat live, eliminating paperwork and communication hassles.

Join free for 14 days

Don’t miss out on tax opportunities. Try TaxTank for a free 14 day trial to feel confident about your tax position and transform the way you think about property tax.