Not only will you save money on accounting fees, TaxTank subscriptions are 100% tax deductible.

And best of all, we’ve built our subscription as a modular system so you only pay for what you need.

It's easy to get started

TaxTank has been built as a modular system so you only pay for what you need. 

Start with the Essentials subscription and then add or upgrade as your financial situation requires.


Manage income and expenses via live bank feeds. Keep receipts safe, maximise deductions & minimise tax with Work Tank & Spare Tank included.




Have a property portfolio? Simply add Property Tank so you can monitor your whole property portfolio in one place.

+ $15/month

(includes 2 property)



Have more than 2 properties? No problem, you can add as many as you like with our property add-on.

+ $3/month

(per property)

Add-ons coming soon



Have a small business that you run as a sole trader and need additional functionality ? Add our Sole Tank onto any of our plans. 

+ $9/month



Have shares you want to manage for tax purposes?  Add Share Tank to any of our plans.

+ $3/month



Have cryptocurrencies you want to manage for tax purposes?  Add Crypto Tank to any of our plans.

+ $3/month

Calculate your subscription​

Use the below calculator to work out how much your monthly subscription would be.

All subscriptions start with the Essentials package.

How TaxTank compares

TaxTank is the only software on the market where you can see your tax position all year round.  Here’s how we compare with other platforms or options on the market.

H&R Block

Live tax position all year round

Live bank feeds

Automated smart tax tools 

Interactive vehicle logbook (maximum vehicle claims)

Property performance comparisons (growth & tax)

Equity forecasts for properties & portfolios

Permanent document storage

Automated property depreciation & borrowing expenses

Answering your common questions

Not all, that’s why we have come the rescue. Tax has always been so boring and conveluded, we have broken it down into cool software that is super easy to follow and understand. If you can log into your internet banking, you can use TaxTank. But after using it you will be an expert – maybe you could teach your accountant a thing or two?

We wouldn’t make you do that! The sooner the better, why wait for something so good? We would hate to see you miss out on important deduction that could cost you heaps of money.

Yes, TaxTank is 100% tax deductible. 

Some tech savvy people out there may be quicker, but for us novices it can take approximately probably 10 minutes if you have your documents handy. If you hve multiple properties, you will need to give yourself more time but a little bit of work will be totally worth it!

Not currently but that will change, it’s not that we haven’t asked the question, it’s just it takes a little time to get a response. Once they see how massive this becomes they will have no choice.

Yes absolutely.  TaxTank has been to developed to directly associate with all current Australia tax law.  TaxTank will also be updated when any changes are made by the ATO.

Absolutely it is worth adding you own house. You can keep a really accurate budget and see who is not doing their bit (or if you need to give one of the kids away because they are costing too much). You can look at updated market values, growth predictions, repayment calculators etc Sorry I’m rambling on only because I’m so passionate about cool it is. So back to your original question – Yes, add your own house.

What our customers say

I was constantly procrastinating on trying to keep on top of my filing and recording my tax expenses, but once I heard about TaxTank and gave it ago, I have never looked back.  All my documents are scanned and filed in the one place and all my expenses have now been captured through my live bank feeds, which allows me to stay on top of it daily if I choose to. THANK YOU TaxTank, now I have all this spare time on my hands 🙂 .

Kim Callahan Individual Taxpayer

Despite having had investment properties for many years, I still used to have trouble at tax time, especially with depreciation.  TaxTank’s automated depreciation tool has solved this by making everything so much simpler, quicker and easier for me. Anyone who has an income and especially anyone with investment properties will find TaxTank an effective, reliable and convenient tool to use.

Peter Cullen Property Investor

Anyone who has an income and especially anyone with investment properties will find TaxTank an effective, reliable and convenient tool in ‘the war on tax’. TaxTank’s live information not only shows me a real time snapshot of my tax position and property equity but it’s so convenient to have all of my documents stored in one place so I can’t lose them anymore!

Jonathon Kelly Property Investor

I love that TaxTank makes managing all my tax less complicated and less demanding of my time. The end of financial year has always made me stress out about whether I would owe money or get a refund. Now I can see my tax position any time of the day while also uploaded receipts and allocating all of my bank transactions. My goal is to keep on top of things every month and I know TaxTank will help me do that.

Gillian Cornelius Individual Taxpayer