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Australia's first tax and personal finance software for individuals

TaxTank is the all-in-one tax and personal finance software designed for individuals ready to take charge of their finances. No more juggling spreadsheets or searching for scattered information. 

Using live bank feeds, you can now effortlessly track your incomes, expenses, properties, shares, and cryptos in a single, organised hub. Simplify your tax management and make informed financial decisions without the hassle. 

Personal finance software showing all features from the dashboard

We've made tax and personal finance simple

Whether you’re an individual wanting to maximise work expenses, a property, share or crypto investor wanting full transparency across your portfolio, or a sole trader wanting to manage your business with tax in mind, TaxTank is the only tax and personal finance software you need.

Underpinned by Australian tax law, our automated smart calculations ensure you claim everything you are entitled to without worrying that you’re making a mistake or missing out.  TaxTank gives you the power to manage your own tax affairs, claim every possible deduction and completely take the hassle out of tax time.

But it doesn’t stop there.  You can also invite your accountant, property group or broker and financial advisor so you can collaborate live and make informed financial decisions.

Connect your banks through Open Banking to ensure you never miss a deduction.

Manage your work income and expenses.

Monitor your shares, cryptos and other assets.

Manage your sole trader income and expenses.

Secure document storage for receipts and important documents.

Manage your property portfolios to easily see each property’s debt, equity and cash position and more.

Invite your accountant, financial planner, broker or property group.

Invite your property co-owner to share live.

How TaxTank works​

Built by Accountants, there are multiple Tanks that act like digital containers to organise your different incomes, expenses, properties and investments whilst securely storing receipts and documents year after year to protect against audit from the ATO.

When you allocate income and expense items from live bank feeds, you’re managing your tax and you can see your adjusting tax position in real time.

What you get with TaxTank

TaxTank is the ONLY personal finance software in Australia that shows you your real-time tax position 365 days a year, whilst providing a permanent archive for receipts and documents to protect you from ATO adjustments year after year.  We’ve built in heaps of automation tax tools and features to ensure you claim everything you are entitled to, accurately!

Financial Oversight

See your financial position all year round so you can make informed decisions about your money.

Live Bank Feeds

Ensure nothing is missed with automated live bank feeds using Open Banking.

Automated Tax Tools

Automatically allocate income and expenses uses our bank rules so you can set and forget.

Depreciation & CGT Tools

Enjoy tax benefits without the hassle, using TaxTank’s simple and smart depreciation and CGT calculators.

Maximise Deductions

Automatic calculations of your estimated tax position to highlight ways to maximise deductions.

Easy Collaboration

Share with property co-owners, accountants and advisors so you can keep on top of everything year round.

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Secure Document Storage

Attach receipts, document, statements and even warranties for a secure record that never fades.

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Peace Of Mind

Avoid stress at the end of the financial year and know your tax position all year round.

Pricing starts from $6 per month​

Our pricing starts from as little as $6 per month and is customisable so you only pay for the Tanks that suit your individual needs. TaxTank is also 100% tax deductible 😉 so it’s a win, win.


Manage property income and expenses



Manage work income and expenses



Manage sole trader income and expenses



Monitor shares, crypto and other assets



Upload important documents and receipts

Free with any tank

What our customers say

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