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TaxTank Accountants' Legal Disclaimer

The following disclaimer provides you with a clear understanding of our professional engagement, services, and the terms that define our collaborative approach to managing your tax responsibilities.

Who is TaxTank Accountants?

All Business Administration Pty Ltd (ABN 64 124 056 828) trading as “TaxTank Accountants” is a proud TaxTank partner offering a select range of tax and accounting services exclusively to TaxTank subscribers. TaxTank Accountants operates as an autonomous Tax Agency, distinct from TaxTank. It is important to emphasise that subscribers of TaxTank are under no obligation to engage the services of TaxTank Accountants. The provision of tax and accounting services by TaxTank Accountants is an independent offering, and the decision to utilise their services rests solely with the individual TaxTank subscriber.

Scope of Services: Navigating Tax Terrain

At TaxTank Accountants, we specialise in offering comprehensive Accounting and Taxation services. Our commitment aligns with ethical standards set by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board Limited (APESB) and guidelines outlined in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 & 1997. Please note that our focus is exclusively on these services and does not encompass audits or reviews.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Safeguarding Your Information

We prioritise the confidentiality and protection of your financial information. Think of us as the stewards of your data, ensuring that it remains secure within the framework of legal regulations.

Quality Control and Oversight: Striving for Excellence

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our commitment to adhering to rigorous quality control processes aligned with APESB standards. As per our CPA membership, our work might undergo review by CPA Australia to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Personal Information and Privacy Act: Your Data's Privacy

Respecting your privacy is integral to our engagement. Our handling of personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), reflecting our commitment to data protection.

Your Responsibilities: A Collaborative Effort

Your active participation is essential for a successful partnership. Maintaining accurate and up to date records in your TaxTank, providing access to relevant receipts and documents, and ensuring disclosure of relevant information contribute to our effective collaboration.

Document Ownership: Clarity in Documentation

While your TaxTank account and the original documents and reports remain yours, we may retain copies of your records. Our engagement will result in the production of Income Tax Return/s and associated schedules (if applicable).

Access to ATO and Beyond: Empowering Your Tax Compliance

By engaging TaxTank Accountants, you grant us the authority to liaise with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on your behalf. We handle lodgment and correspondence with the expertise required to navigate this terrain.

Your 15-Minute Initial Meeting: Exploring Your Tax Landscape

Prepare for a 15-minute consultation, during which we'll assess your tax situation and perform an ATO-compliant identification check. Our discussion will cover the services required and potential costs for additional tax schedules or hands-on assistance, if needed.

Transparent Pricing: Clarity in Costs

Our commitment to transparent pricing ensures that you receive an itemised invoice following the consultation. This detailed breakdown includes any fees associated with additional services discussed. Payment is required before we commence our work.

Frequently Asked Questions: Things to Know

Yes, our standard pricing applies to users with an active monthly subscription. Opting for an annual subscription offers a commitment discount, rewarding your choice of extended engagement.

Our insights during the initial 15-minute consultation are of a ‘general’ nature and do not constitute legal or financial advice.

The 15-minute consultation carries no obligation to proceed. Feel free to decline without incurring any charges.

We retain the prerogative to adjust advertised pricing, reflecting changes in scope or market conditions.