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Property tax software for effortless portfolio management

Ditch the property spreadsheets and manage your whole property portfolio in one place – including investment properties, your home and properties owned in trusts. 

Now you can streamline your finances, maximise deductions, gain real-time insights for smarter investments and minimise your property tax. 

The only solution you need as a property investor

TaxTank lets you take control of your property portfolio with live bank feeds, built in capital gains tax calculators, depreciation schedules, smart tax tools and permanent document storage. You’ll know exactly what’s happening with each property so you can make the best decisions for your financial future while maximising your deductions and minimising your property tax.
Property Tax Software dashboard showing the portfolio position.

What you get in Property Tank

Illustration of a women with a clipboard, calculator and gold coins
Financial Oversight

Monitor portfolio and property performances including growth, tax and equity in one place so you know exactly where you stand.

Illustration with tax paperwork and calendar
Property Tax Compliance

Get it right and claim every possible deduction with live bank feeds, built in smart tools and permanent document storage.

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Planning & Collaboration

Share with co-owners, accountants and advisors for real-time data sharing and planning to take the hassle out of tax and borrowing.

Whole property portfolio management in one solution

TaxTank lets you group your properties in different portfolios to ensure you have complete management and oversight of equity, growth and property tax – no matter what your structure is.  Even better, you can create customised portfolios to manage them in a way that works for you.

Illustration of man in front of house with electricity showing
Investment Properties

Add investment properties as per your ownership for simple tax and compliance.

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Share Accommodation

Calculate the percentage of claim accurately with smart tax tools and update any time.

Illustration of man in front of house under construction

Automatically capitalise property expenses to ensure you minimise any Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Illustration of man with gold coins and reports
Trusts & Companies

Centrally manage properties held in other entities for complete portfolio oversight.

Ilustration with a woman in front oa house with gold coins above
Principle Place of Residence (PPOR)

Manage your home expenses and simply move it to an investment portfolio if things change.

Monitor your property performance and equity

TaxTank reports the tax and cash position of properties and portfolios live so you can see exactly what each property costs to hold (cash position) and the impact in your tax return (tax position) so you can make better decisions to proactively control how much tax you pay.

Better still, we’ve partnered with CoreLogic to forecast growth and equity over time for better planning. Having a clear picture of property performance and equity, coupled with rental returns and interactive reports, will ensure you’re always in control and armed with the right information when thinking about buying or selling

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Take control of your
property tax

The ATO reported that as a result of a recent random sampling of returns claiming rental properties, 9 out of 10 contained errors*. The number one cause leading to the dis-allowance of rental property claims was missing receipts or other documentation to support a claim.

So beat the ATO at their own game with TaxTank. Using live bank feeds to capture every possible deduction, and built-in smart tools to calculate claims correctly, you can be confident you’re getting it right.

You’ll know exactly what’s happening with each property so you can make the best decisions and minimise your tax.

Go digital and ditch the spreadsheet

Illustration with tax paperwork and calendar
Automatic calculations

Smart tax tools and automated depreciation to maximise deductions – legally.

Illustration of man with calculator and laptop with a large arrow indicating a loss
Minimise property tax

Live bank feeds to ensure nothing is missed, lost or forgotten throughout the year.

Illustration of man with invoice, computer and credit card
Real-time Reporting

Get detailed, interactive tax reports on particular properties or your whole portfolio.

Illustration of man sitting on bean bag on his laptop and data on screen and secure document storage
Peace of mind

Avoid stress at the end of the financial year and know your tax position all year round.

Use our easy Capital Gains Tax calculator

Selling your property? TaxTank has a built-in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Calculator so you will always know how much you need to pay in just 3 simple steps.

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Real-time property schedules when you need them

Take control with TaxTank’s property tax reports and schedules so you can have live information at your fingertips to monitor and share to save time with finance applications, and of course, money on accounting fees!

TaxTank’s rental property schedules, depreciation schedules and transaction reports are the same as you find in your annual tax return but fully interactive and available all year round.

Easily manage your depreciation

Adding existing depreciation schedules, new builds and renovation projects for a property is relatively fast and painless in TaxTank. The better news, once added the schedules automatically allocate to future years to ensure nothing is missed year after year.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely it is worth adding your own house. You can keep a really accurate budget and look at updated market values and growth predictions. Plus if you change your main residence to an investment property in the future, you will have your records in the one place.

Not at all, that’s why we have come the rescue. Tax has always been so boring and convoluted, we have broken it down into cool software that is super easy to follow and understand. We also have a bunch of support videos and articles available should you need help with anything.

Yes you can. The beauty of TaxTank is that you can record these changes accurately and when they happen so you can future proof yourself should the ATO have any questions.

Yes absolutely, you can use our Share Properties calculator and it will accurately work out the percentage required to allocate and report accurately to the ATO.

We partner with Basiq, one of Australia’s largest providers of Open Banking, so we now have access to over 180+ banks. As more come onboard with the Open Banking protocols, they will automatically get added to TaxTank.

It only takes a few minutes to get your bank feeds set up and adding in your property details. It may take a few minutes extra to add in your depreciation schedules, however we have tried to make it as easy as possible. If you have your last tax return handy, you can add in all of the details quickly, plus you can edit details if you make a mistake.

Don’t miss out on property tax opportunities.

Try TaxTank for a free 14 day trial to feel confident about your tax position and transform the way you think about property tax.