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Tax document storage for easy tax preparation and management

Now you can keep all of your important documents in one place to protect you against an ATO audit. In Spare Tank, you will be able to search for documents across any tank in any year, in seconds!

Images of the secure document storage in TaxTank
Secure document storage with files showing

All your tax documents, in one place

Store all your files together and easily find what you need. TaxTank securely backs up your information, so you’ll get every tax deduction you deserve without searching through piles of paperwork, year after year.

Protect your information

TaxTank has a secure place to store documents, like employment contracts, insurance policies and your will, so your important information is always protected and easy to find.

Using best-practice guidelines and industry-standard encryption, TaxTank keeps your information secure and lets you choose who you share it with.

Image of the work tank dashboard showing income and expenses

Long term archive

TaxTank keeps a lasting record of your information, ensuring you have all the details you need in the future. Receipts and documents store in the Spare Tank, meaning you can search them, in any year, to quickly view a transaction, or even download multiple receipts to accommodate an ATO audit request without the stress.

Powerful tax document storage

Illustration of rocket and storage systems
Safe and secure

Spare Tank backs up your information and protects your files with secure sign-in tools.

Illustration of two people putting puzzle pieces together. The woman has a laptop in her hand
Easy to use

Store all your important tax documents and receipts online in a simple and easy way.

Illustration of a woman sitting on top of a laptop while workng on a laptop
Access anywhere

With your files stored safely online, you can easily access them from all your devices.

Simple to share

Quickly invite others to view or download your files, without going back and forth on email.

Illustration of man sitting on bean bag on his laptop and data on screen and secure document storage
Permanent tax document storage

Avoid lost or forgotten documents, with all your information recorded for as long as you need it.

Illustration of man with large pen writing on note pad
Stay organised

Create folders and upload your files so you can easily find the documents you need.

Don’t miss out on tax opportunities.

Try TaxTank for a free 14 day trial to feel confident about your tax position, transform the way you think about tax and use secure tax document storage for your important receipts and documents.