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Partner with TaxTank and be rewarded

Invite your clients to join TaxTank and receive up to 30% commission for every new subscription*.

Why TaxTank

TaxTank is a low cost cloud-based software aimed at empowering individual taxpayers to proactively self-manage their income and property taxes to ultimately pay less tax. TaxTank combines live bank feeds, smart tax tools, cloud based storage and CoreLogic data to help taxpayers maximise tax deductions, make informed financial decisions and safeguard against ATO audit. 

What’s even better is that we’ve built two platforms so that Accountants and Advisors can offer superior service while having instant access to their clients’ documents, tax and property portfolio position all in one place.  

Screenshot of TaxTank's dashboard showing the tax software features, including incomes, expenses and total tax summary.

How it works

Apply online

Register an account through our official partner portal to become an Approved Partner.

Share with clients

Share your unique partner link directly with your clients and let them know how great TaxTank is.

Earn Commission

Receive up to 30% commission for every new subscription for the first 12 months.

Why partner with us

It’s not just about earning a commission, but also that additional service you can offer your clients.  With TaxTank, you’ll be able to offer your clients or members powerful tools to manage their tax and financial goals whatever they may be.

Illustration of 2 men adding data into a large computer
Simplified workflow

Use automated tax calculations and live data feeds to streamline compliance and data integrity.

Illustration of man with information book
Up-to-date information

Make your services an ongoing source of valuable information, not a once-a-year event.

Illustration of woman on headset with chat icon and 24/7 displayed
Stand-out customer service

Add value to your services with an intelligent system clients will love, including live chat functionality.

Illustration of 3 screens showing everything in one place
Everything in one place

Easily manage your client’s information in  one central hub with quick access to historical data and current stats.

Illustration of 2 men adding data into a large computer
Smart dashboards

Access to your clients documents, incomes, property performance and tax position in real time from one user-friendly dashboard. 

Illustration of man with large briefcase and paperwork
Smarter decisions

Monitor equity forecasts, loans and market values to ensure the right investments at the right time.

Apply now

Simply complete the application form below to register your interest in our partner program.  Once we’ve reviewed your info, we will be in touch with details on how to get started.

*The referral link remains active for a 60 day “cookie window”.  This specifies how many days a referral (click) is eligible for conversion. Conversions that happen within this window will be attributed to the partner.  Any conversions that happen after this window will not be attributed to the partner.