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Aussie startup launches new software to help accountants fight back against ATO automation

A Gold Coast startup has officially launched a new tax software to give accounting firms access to powerful tax tools that will transform the way they work and stem the loss of clients to the ATO’s automation tools.

Free to all accountants, TaxTank enables accounting firms to provide a superior level of service by streamlining the information sharing process to improve efficiency, reduce WIP and deliver faster turnaround times for clients.

It is the ONLY software on the market that gives accountants the chance to offer an unparalleled level of service to their individual clients by monitoring their tax position in real time and intervening when they see a problem or opportunity.

TaxTank allows accounting firms to;

  • Make their services an ongoing source of valuable information, not a once-a-year event.
  • Monitor clients’ real-time tax throughout the year and easily step in when needed, helping them to plan and make better tax decisions.
  • Quickly find historical data, ensure compliance and improve data integrity.
  • Access client information directly to reduce turnaround times and WIP.
  • Allocate clients to accountants to improve workflow, accountability and monitoring across the firm.
  • Chat live with their clients in real time and easily share information for better client collaboration.

“TaxTank has a built-in platform for accounting firms to directly interact with clients and share information to make sure clients are getting it right and claiming every possible deduction,” says founder Nicole Kelly.

“The ATO’s push for automation with tools like MyTax are geared to ensure compliance, not effectiveness, and will ultimately remove accountants from the equation to the detriment of individuals.

“TaxTank has been built specifically to not only empower individual taxpayers but also make sure that accountants continue to play an important role moving forward for the benefit of the community,” says Nicole.

TaxTank is free to all accountants.


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Important Tax Deadlines

For all incomes earned between 01 July 2023 – 30 June 2024.  

Tax returns can be lodged from 01 July 2024. You can prepare early with TaxTank so you know exactly what’s going on ahead of time.

For all incomes earned between 01 July 2022 – 30 June 2023.  

Tax returns are now OVERDUE.  

You can use TaxTank to get up to date and lodge with our partner accountants.

Tax returns are OVERDUE.  

You can use TaxTank to get up to date and lodge with our partner accountants.

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