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Addressing Financial Wellbeing and Workplace Productivity in Australian Companies

In 2023, Australia faced its highest inflation in three decades, accompanied by a rapid surge in interest rates. This economic shift has placed significant strain on employees’ financial well-being, resulting in heightened stress levels impacting mental health and work performance.

Our whitepaper explores the multifaceted impact of these challenges, analysing the current state of financial well-being in Australia, global trends, the evolving role of employers, changes in the taxation landscape, and strategic solutions.  

Addressing Financial Wellbeing and Workplace Productivity in Australian Companies Whitepaper Cover Page

Unlock financial wellbeing for your employees

In the dynamic realm of employee benefits, financial well-being perks have emerged as formidable counterparts to the esteemed health and wellness advantages.

The intricacies of taxes and financial affairs impact the lives of all employees, transcending diverse backgrounds and professions. The great news? Enter TaxTank, poised to revolutionise the financial journey for each employee.

Recognising that financial well-being goes beyond mere budgeting, we strive to empower your workforce with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to seize control of their financial destinies. When your team holds the reins, they become more focused, motivated, and productive. TaxTank isn’t just a benefit – it’s an investment in the success of your employees and the future of your company!

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An incentive that will prove invaluable

TaxTank is the all-in-one personal finance software designed for employees ready to take charge of their finances by effortlessly tracking incomes, expenses, properties, shares, and cryptos, all in a single, organised hub.

Financial Oversight

See their financial position all year round so they can make informed decisions about their money.

Live Bank Feeds

Ensure nothing is missed with automated bank feeds using Open Banking.

Easy Tax Preparation

Automatically produce their tax return for fast, accurate lodgement through myTax. 

Illustration of man with information book
Peace Of Mind

Avoid stress at the end of the financial year and know their tax position all year round.

Depreciation & CGT Tools

Enjoy tax benefits without the hassle, using TaxTank’s simple and smart depreciation and CGT calculators.

Maximise Deductions

Automatic calculations of their estimated tax position to highlight ways to maximise deductions.

Illustration of 3 screens showing everything in one place
Secure Document Storage

Attach receipts, statements and even warranties for a secure record – that never fades.

Easy Collaboration

Share properties with co-owners, accountants and advisors to chat live so they can make informed decisions.

Key features your employees will love

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