Maximise your tax return with TaxTank this year!

TaxTank gives you the power to self-manage your tax by providing automated smart tax tools that make sure you maximise all of your deductions to pay less tax.

TaxTank is the ONLY software on the market that provides a simple report so you can self-lodge through MyTax this tax time. 

Don't miss out on deductions you're entitled to!


A recent survey revealed more than half (56%) find tax time stressful.  Not only do Australian taxpayers find missing out on deductions the most stressful part of the tax return process, 

And a whopping 90% believe they are missing out or not claiming every possible deduction.

With TaxTank you can;

Go digital and take control

You can finally do away with spreadsheets, shoe boxes of receipts or wading through your emails to back up your claims. 

With TaxTank, you can manage all of your incomes, property portfolios and deductions in the tanks that act like digital containers to organise your different incomes, expenses, properties and investments whilst securely storing receipts and documents year after year to protect against audit from the ATO.

When you allocate income and expense items, you’re managing your tax and you can see your adjusting tax position in real time.

Lodge directly through MyTax and save on accounting fees

TaxTank is the ONLY software on the market that shows you your real-time tax position 365 days a year, whilst providing a permanent archive for receipts and documents to protect you from ATO adjustments year after year.  

With built-in smart tax tools,  you’ll be able to do away with accounting fees while knowing you’re paying the least amount of tax possible.

What you get with TaxTank

We’ve built in heaps of tax smart tools to ensure you claim everything they are entitled to, accurately!

Complete Transparency

See your financial position all year round so you can make informed decisions about your money.

Maximise Deductions

Automatic calculations of your estimated tax position to highlight ways to maximise deductions.

Depreciation & CGT Tools

Enjoy tax benefits without the hassle, using TaxTank’s simple and smart depreciation and CGT tools.

Easy Tax Preparation

Automatically produce your tax return for fast, accurate lodgement through MyTax. 

Secure Document Storage

Attach receipts, statements and even warranties for a secure record – that never fades.

Live Bank Feeds

Ensure nothing is missed with automated bank feeds.

Easy Collaboration

Share properties with co-owners, accountant and advisor to chat live so you can keep on top of everything all year round.

Peace Of Mind

Avoid stress at the end of the financial year and know your tax position all year round.

Pricing starts from $9

Our pricing starts from as little as $9 per month and is customisble so you only pay for the tools that suit your individual needs.

Plus you can get started with our 14 day free trial at any time.


What our customers say

Don't just take our word for it.  See what our customers have to got to say about TaxTank

Despite having had investment properties for many years, I still used to have trouble at tax time, especially with depreciation.  TaxTank’s automated depreciation tool has solved this by making everything so much simpler, quicker and easier for me. Anyone who has an income and especially anyone with investment properties will find TaxTank an effective, reliable and convenient tool to use.

Peter Cullen Property Investor

If you have rental properties and are looking for a system that gives you live on the spot data, then you need TaxTank I like that I can see the tax and cash position for each property, loans, equity and even growth forecasts to help me understand how my properties are performing now and into the future.

Tammie Van Diest Property Investor

I was constantly procrastinating on trying to keep on top of my filing and recording my tax expenses, but once I heard about TaxTank and gave it ago, I have never looked back.  All my documents are scanned and filed in the one place and all my expenses have now been captured through my live bank feeds, which allows me to stay on top of it daily if I choose to. THANK YOU TaxTank, now I have all this spare time on my hands 🙂 .

Kim Callahan Individual Taxpayer

Anyone who has an income and especially anyone with investment properties will find TaxTank an effective, reliable and convenient tool in ‘the war on tax’. TaxTank’s live information not only shows me a real time snapshot of my tax position and property equity but it’s so convenient to have all of my documents stored in one place so I can’t lose them anymore!

Jonathon Kelly Property Investor

I love that TaxTank makes managing all my tax less complicated and less demanding of my time. The end of financial year has always made me stress out about whether I would owe money or get a refund. Now I can see my tax position any time of the day while also uploaded receipts and allocating all of my bank transactions. My goal is to keep on top of things every month and I know TaxTank will help me do that.

Gillian Cornelius Individual Taxpayer