Thinking about selling? Capital Gains Tax (CGT) explained

Capital gains tax has a way of hitting property sellers like a bolt from the blue when it comes time to sell their cherished investment property. Indeed, CGT often feels like an unjust attack on your profits. Nevertheless, knowing how capital gains tax is calculated, and how to reduce the potential amount of CGT when selling your investment property, might just leave you with a bigger grin on your face and a larger portion of your capital gains.

Top 7 tax tips for property investors

Becoming tax confident is the key to making your property portfolio work harder for you, so here are 7 tips for property investors to make your life easier when it comes to property tax!

5 steps to building a successful property portfolio

A successful property portfolio doesn’t happen overnight, but with a great plan, a solid strategy and ongoing review of your circumstances, your property portfolio can secure your financial freedom. Here are our 5 steps to building a successful property portfolio!

The top 5 deductions property investors must not miss out on

Knowing which deductions you can claim each financial year is the key to maximising the profits from your investment property. If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed because your rental properties aren’t performing as predicted, then it’s likely you’ve been missing out on some important deductions!

Should you list your investment property on Airbnb?

Should you list your property on AirBNB? Are you thinking about embracing the short-term holiday-let model? Airbnb has shaken up the hotel industry, but it also has the potential to power up your property investment strategy. In the past, short-term or holiday leases were seen as a very niche part of the rental property market, […]

5 common errors property investors should avoid

5 common errors property investors should avoid Investing in property to pave your way to financial freedom is never going to be an exact science, and with the potential for great rewards you must accept that there will also be some big risks involved. In fact, being aware of the risks and doing your due […]

How to afford your first investment property

How to afford your first investment property Do you want to work hard for your money? Or do you want your money to work hard for you? If you’re drawn to property investing, then the latter is probably true for you. You realise that property investment can build you much greater wealth than trading your time for […]