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Property investor tax returns from $139*

Don’t wait weeks, pay more fees and get less service this tax season for your tax return. 

With TaxTank Accountants, we’re committed to delivering the best possible experience, enjoy a seamless tax return with our fast, cost-effective services that reward your use of TaxTank throughout the year.

Take control of your
property investor tax returns

The ATO reported that as a result of a recent random sampling of returns claiming rental properties, 9 out of 10 contained errors*. The number one cause leading to the dis-allowance of rental property claims was missing receipts or other documentation to support a claim.

So beat the ATO at their own game with TaxTank. Using live bank feeds to capture every possible deduction, and built-in smart tools to calculate claims correctly, you can be confident you’re getting it right.

You’ll know exactly what’s happening with each property so you can make the best decisions and minimise your tax.

Exceptional accounting support tailored to your needs

Our team of expert tax accountants specialise in investment property, capital gains, and sole trader accounting. With their extensive knowledge and experience, you can trust that your financial matters are in capable hands. 

What’s more, by utilising TaxTank to manage your income and expenses throughout the year, we save valuable time when preparing tax returns. And guess what? We pass on those savings to you, creating a win-win situation.

Sign up now and unlock the benefits of online accounting tailored specifically for property investors. Let us take care of your financials while you focus on what you do best.

Our Pricing Packages

Our Property Investor tax return pricing model is stackable, start with the Property Tax Return and then add any additional schedules on top. 

Use our calculator to see how much your tax return would cost using TaxTank Accountants


Go digital with TaxTank

TaxTank lets you take control of your property portfolio with live bank feeds, built in capital gains tax calculators, depreciation schedules, smart tax tools and permanent document storage. You’ll know exactly what’s happening with each property so you can make the best decisions for your financial future while maximising your deductions and minimising your property tax.

What you get with TaxTank

Illustration of a women with a clipboard, calculator and gold coins
Financial Oversight

Monitor portfolio and property performances including growth, tax and equity in one place so you know exactly where you stand.

Illustration with tax paperwork and calendar
Property Tax Compliance

Get it right and claim every possible deduction with live bank feeds, built in smart tools and permanent document storage.

Illustration of multiple people chatting
Planning & Collaboration

Share with co-owners, accountants and advisors for real-time data sharing and planning to take the hassle out of tax and borrowing.

Don’t miss out on property investor tax return opportunities.

Try TaxTank for a free 14 day trial to feel confident about your tax position and transform the way you think about property tax.

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