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Powerful software that enhances the value you bring to your landlords

With TaxTank, your landlords can now seamlessly  manage property tax, equity and growth within single user-friendly software. Better still, it’s FREE for Real Estates to use.

TaxTank dashboard is shown on multiple devices, including laptop, tablet and iphone

Empowering your landlords for success

Happy landlords lead to lasting relationships. By offering TaxTank as a value-added service you demonstrate your commitment to empowering to them. 

With complete oversight and advanced tax management tools at their disposal, they will have the insight they need to make informed decisions faster and achieve greater financial success.

Property Tax Software dashboard showing the portfolio position.

Intelligent tax tools for maximum deductions

Save your landlords from missed opportunities! With live bank feeds and permanent document storage, TaxTank is equipped with smart tax tools designed to identify every eligible deduction. 

No more worries about overlooking tax-savings or unnecessary audit adjustments. Give your landlords the confidence that comes from knowing their cash, tax and equity position in real time.

Live Reports for Seizing Opportunities

Ditch the spreadsheets and excel calculators, in the fast-paced world of real estate investing time is of the essence. TaxTank’s live reporting provides you and your clients with up-to-date information on tax, equity and borrowing power, to help seize opportunities as they arise.

Live information on forecasted growth and monthly budgeting tools enable planning and collaboration like never before! Stay ahead of the curve and guide your landlords towards even greater success.

Unlock the power of TaxTank Accountants

At TaxTank, we think efforts should be rewarded. That’s why our property savvy TaxTank Accountants are dedicated to delivering specialist tax services exclusively to TaxTank subscribers. With property investor returns starting from as low as $139*, your clients can say goodbye to expensive accounting fees and hello to the hassle-free tax time they deserve. Your clients will save over 60% in accounting fees, plus appreciate the convenience!

One software that provides endless possibilities

Say goodbye to juggling multiple applications and complicated spreadsheets. From property incomes and expenses to sole trader business schedules and capital gains from various sources like shares, property, and even cryptocurrencies – TaxTank is not just another software… It is the only all-in-one solution that empowers landlords to take full control of investments and tax like never before.

We employed TaxTank’s incredible software as an optional add on for our clients, and it has quickly become an indispensable tool for our company. Not only do we have a far better understanding of property-related tax affairs, but we can now empower our clients to take control of their own tax affairs with our assistance.

TaxTank’s user interface is intuitive, easy to navigate and is categorised by 3 main ‘tanks’, making it effortless for clients to input, track and manage their tax information and view their tax position year-round. The platform offers a wide range of features that allow clients to track expenses, income, depreciation and equity to name a few. Using PAYG and rental income, any deductions and depreciation, the program automatically calculates an incredibly accurate real time tax projection. Not only is the platform easy to navigate, but our clients also have access to a self-service help centre, free tax tools and extensive webinars to support their tax management journey.

Underpinned by Australian tax legislation, TaxTank has assisted our clients in maximising tax deductions and minimising tax paid. Legally, of course! What we love most about TaxTank is the advocacy for and empowerment of Australian taxpayers – this tool is priceless in the fact it guides users to claiming their fair share every financial year.

Mitch Cator & Holly Macdonald

Partner with TaxTank today

Enhance your real estate services, empower your landlords, and grow your business with TaxTank. Simply invite your clients to join TaxTank and receive up to 30% commission for every new subscription*.  Help your landlords take control, get tax confident and be rewarded!

Book in for your demonstration

See firsthand how our software can streamline your services and build client confidence by booking in a one-to-one demo with our Head of Partnerships, Richard Gillespie.