Are you confident you’re claiming every possible tax deduction?

Are you confident you’re claiming every possible tax deduction?

Do you know how much tax you’ll pay this year? 

Would you like to pay less tax?

Tax is not fun, it’s not fair and it’s far from easy. Well it was anyway.. but we’re going to change all of that with one simple software solution, TaxTank.

Using live bank feeds and built-in smart tools, TaxTank transforms the mundane process of managing annual tax into a real-life process with real live information to help individuals make decisions to actually control how much tax they pay, especially for property investors who are a focus.

In short, there are three tanks that act like digital containers to organise your different incomes, expenses and properties whilst securely storing receipts and documents year after year to protect against audit. When you allocate income and expense items, you’re actually managing your tax and you can see your adjusting tax position (in real time).

TaxTank monitors your forecasted tax position against actual data collected through the year to alleviate those end of year surprises.. and for property investors we’ve partnered with CoreLogic to forecast growth, equity and property performance so you compare investments and make better decisions.

Basically, we’ve dissected an individual tax return, designed a really sexy front-end and then reverse engineered tax logic to create a product (TaxTank) to transform the way individuals think about tax like never before. Better still, we’ve built in a heap of tax smart tools to ensure taxpayers claim everything they are entitled to, accurately!

Plus, we’ve built a platform just for accounting firms to improve the way accountants manage individual clients and share information to completely take the hassle out of tax time