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If you’re wanting to grow your property portfolio, you need this software!​

Financial software for Australian property investors.  

Screenshot of Property Tax Accounting Software that is an alternative to Xero for property investors
Property app software screenshots that is an alternative to a traditional accountant

What you get with TaxTank

Image of property tax software showing equity and portfolio performance
Amanda Thomas

"The TaxTank software has been a game changer for us in providing a cost effective, integrated, real-time system that simplifies the process of managing investment property financial transactions and information. Using TaxTank has ensured we have reduced costs and effort at the end of financial year, minimised tax paid as we can now track all expenses and income in one single system and peace of mind knowing we can find everything in one secure place.."

Pricing starts from $15 per month

Our pricing starts from as little as $15 per month and is customisable so you only pay for the Tanks that suit your individual needs.  TaxTank is also 100% tax deductible  so it’s a win, win.

Image of property tax software showing equity and portfolio performance

Supercharge your property portfolio

With TaxTank you can see the tax and cash position of your properties and portfolios in real time. Get visibility on what each property costs to hold (cash position) and the impact in your tax return (tax position) so you can make better decisions to proactively control how much tax you pay.

Better still, through our partnership with CoreLogic you can forecast growth and equity over time. With more data at your fingertips, you’re always in control and armed with the right information when you need it.

Minimise your tax payable

Beat the ATO at their own game with TaxTank. Using live bank feeds to capture every possible deduction, and built-in smart tools to calculate claims correctly, you can be confident you’re getting it right and minimising your tax.

Property Tax Software showing live bank feeds
Image of property tax software showing rental properties tax report

Save time and money

Ditch the time consuming property spreadsheets and automate it all with TaxTank. Plus with rental property schedules, depreciation schedules and transaction reports available all year round, save money on accounting fees.

Sign up now and unlock the benefits of managing your property portfolio in one place. 

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely it is worth adding your own house. You can keep a really accurate budget and look at updated market values and growth predictions. Plus if you change your main residence to an investment property in the future, you will have your records in the one place.

Not at all, that’s why we have come the rescue. Tax has always been so boring and convoluted, we have broken it down into cool software that is super easy to follow and understand. We also have a bunch of support videos and articles available should you need help with anything.

Yes you can. The beauty of TaxTank is that you can record these changes accurately and when they happen so you can future proof yourself should the ATO have any questions.

Yes absolutely, you can use our Share Properties calculator and it will accurately work out the percentage required to allocate and report accurately to the ATO.

We partner with Basiq, one of Australia’s largest providers of Open Banking, so we now have access to over 180+ banks. As more come onboard with the Open Banking protocols, they will automatically get added to TaxTank.

It only takes a few minutes to get your bank feeds set up and adding in your property details. It may take a few minutes extra to add in your depreciation schedules, however we have tried to make it as easy as possible. If you have your last tax return handy, you can add in all of the details quickly, plus you can edit details if you make a mistake.