Top 5 reasons to utilise technology to manage your tax return

Preparing a tax return can mean very different things to different people. For some, it spells doom and gloom. A worrying time of year where missed deductions, lost receipts, and uncertainty means they end up paying more tax than they need to, or worse.

How to avoid being the subject of a dreaded ATO audit

You’ve read it in the news. You’ve heard people talking about it. Those in the know urge you not to dismiss it. Being the subject of an ATO audit is not to be dismissed as a trivial matter. It can and does happen.

Let’s focus on car claims this upcoming tax season for a moment

This year, the ATO is focusing on two specific areas in relation to car claims. The first is ensuring that taxpayers are only claiming the work-related portion of their car expenses. The second is making sure that taxpayers are not claiming private expenses as work-related expenses.

How to maximise your tax return using MyTax

When it comes to tax time, only around one in four Aussies choose to lodge their own tax return. Because the ATO receives around 10 million tax returns every year, that means 7.5 million people don’t trust their own ability when it comes to lodging the best tax return possible.

What’s on the ATO hitlist in 2022? Car claims!

If you use your car for both work and private purposes, you can only claim the percentage of car expenses that relate to work. For example, if you travel 100 km in a day and 50 km of that is for work, you can only claim 50% of your car expenses.

Top 5 random deductions you can claim

Many Australians miss out on tax deductions every year, simply because they are unaware of the possibilities. This is understandable because some of the potential deductions you can claim are actually pretty random and out there!

Capital Gains Tax explained

Capital gains tax (CGT) is one of the many important factors that a property investor must take into account when making big investment decisions.

Top 7 tax tips for property investors

Becoming tax confident is the key to making your property portfolio work harder for you, so here are 7 tips for property investors to make your life easier when it comes to property tax!

How to beat the ATO at their own game

Most people remain unaware of their financial position and wait until the end of the financial year to start thinking about their tax return, which gives the ATO a really unfair advantage. Here’s how to beat the ATO at their own game.

5 steps to building a successful property portfolio

A successful property portfolio doesn’t happen overnight, but with a great plan, a solid strategy and ongoing review of your circumstances, your property portfolio can secure your financial freedom. Here are our 5 steps to building a successful property portfolio!